Bouncing Back From Failures

New York Mets Logo
Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I just got home from watching The Florida Marlins vs. my beloved New York Mets. This was a thrill for me because it was the first time I got to go to an opening day game. I played baseball from the age of 6 until I was 20, so baseball is one of my first loves.

It was great. The Mets won 7-2 behind the efforts of our new ace pitcher Johan Santana. Things are looking up after the disastrous collapse of last season. We owned a seven game lead going into the final month of the season and we still did not get into the playoffs. Let's just say I still get a lot of grief from my buddies over the way the season ended.
This is a new season with high expectations. I'm so excited. Take a look at this video featuring the new look Mets. It is actually a great lesson to learn about life. Everyone fails in life. It just happens. But what sets individuals apart is the ability to learn from the mistakes of our past failures and turn them into successes. The Mets are poised to do just that.

Athletes know that they practice long and hard for a reason. The rewards are down the line. If an athlete gave up every time they lost, we wouldn't have any sports because everyone loses at some point. Just as the Mets are ready to bounce back from last season, you must bounce back when you have a setback. Everyday is a new game. Everyday is an opportunity to improve.

Be persistent in all that you do. I often hear people say, "Well if I could throw the ball 95mph, I would be in the Major Leagues too." They assume that these athletes are just born this way. A lot of them have natural talent, but they also put in countless hours of practice. Countless failures lead to a few huge successes. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! says that he has become an expert at failing. The more he fails, the smarter he becomes. The key is to make an attempt at something. Fail. Learn from that failure and then improve your efforts. If you don't try...nothing will ever happen for you.

You may not be a Mets fan, but you can take home the message of bouncing back from disappointment. Keep striving to be the best. Soon you will realize that you already possess the skills to be a champion. Many blessings and LET'S GO METS!!!


Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Check out this video. Please take the time to participate. The World Wildlife Fund is encouraging us to turn off our lights for just one hour starting at 8PM your local time. This is a global event that will have a positive effect on our environment. For more information visit

Passing Along Good Vibrations

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to send out some good vibrations today. Make sure you pass it along. Blessings!

Myspace Comments - Peace and Love

Visiting Family For Easter

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Happy Easter, or as my family likes to say...Happy Resurrection Day. I'm in Cincinnati Ohio visiting them this weekend. I'm absolutely freezing. I've lived in Miami Florida for the past ten years and I guess my blood has thinned out a little bit.

It's always good to go home to visit family. There's something about home cooking and reminiscing about past events that leaves me feeling good. I don't get to visit as much as I would like to because of my work so whenever I do I try to make the best of it.

Family is very important. They are the ones that love you the most and at times drive you the craziest. They keep us on our toes. Cherish any opportunity to spend time with family. If your family is near by don't become desensitized by their close proximity. Still make an effort to stop by. If you can't get home that often, make the most of every moment you do get. If you don't have any family, make it your intention to find friends you can call family.

Everyone needs at least one person that they can run to if you just need to talk. Someone to lean on in times of need. Someone to find encouragement from when you need a shot of confidence.

Love your family. Love your friends. Love your enemies. Love transcends all situations. Remember this and life will be so much more enjoyable. You deserve to enjoy life. Let it happen.

Enjoy this short Easter video from blackwaterwoman.

Many blessing and thanks for listening.

What A Feeling!

Hello friends,

Hope all is well. What a feeling it is when we realize that everything that we could ever want is right here in front of us. Our job is the "Ask" for what we want from the Universe. The Universe always "Answers" in the quickest and most effective way. Finally, when the opportunity knocks, open the door and "Receive" your blessings. Let's not make this existence harder than it needs t be. The Universe wants us to be successful. Don't resist. Let it happen. Enjoy this award winning short video from Lila Sakura called "Miracles happen." Miracles will happen as long as you "allow" them to. Just remember: Ask, Answer, Receive. Many blessings and thanks for listening.

The Secret vs. A New Earth - Well...Who's Right?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I came across a nice blog created by Scott B. called Keeping The Secret last night as I as researching new widgets for my blogs(Great service by the way. You can see some of my new ones on the side panel). We share similar interests. He even has a "quotes" section.

Scott invited viewers to comment on a question he received in an email. It has to do with comparing the teachings of "The Secret" in relation to Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61). This was the question and my response.

I am reading Tolle’s book A New Earth, and have read The Secret and all the Abraham books by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I have even read part of a Seth book by Jane Roberts! What I want to know is: is the secret compatible with the teachings of Tolle. He speaks of”wanting” as a manifestation of the ego which is an illusion. The secret says that wanting is the whole purpose of life, desiring and manifesting more and more. I know the secret does not mean “wanting” in the sense of feeling lack so maybe the 2 are compatible. Would be grateful for any feedback from you or other members.

Thanks, Jane

This was my response:

Hi Jane,

I’ve been reading the Tolle book and what I believe he is saying is generally the same principles mentioned in the “The Secret” and Esther and Jerry Hicks are saying.

Tolle cautions us to be aware as to why we are wanting the good things in life. There is nothing wrong with wanting things, but when those possessions become our identity, the problems with ego start to arise.

For example, Tolle mentions the Rolling Stones song, “I can’t get no…Satisfaction.” He says this is the theme song of the ego. The ego needs an identity, whatever it is. For some people, it’s having expensive toys. Like Tolle says, there is nothing wrong with these toys, but when we start to “need” these toys to validate our worth, it can lead to problems.

What happens, is once we reach our goal, the ego will say, “I need more.” “This is not enough.” Mr. and Mrs. Jones still have more than “I” do.” So the ego seeks out more things in order to match up with the Jones’. Or even worse yet, what we think the Jones’ think we should be. How insane is that? Tolle mentions that if when you get what you are wanting and you have a feeling of not enough, then that want was driven by ego.

Tolle also talks about the “I” that the ego identifies with and the true “I” that is in all of us. The ego’s sense of “I” is the cars that we drive. The house that we live in. The friends that we have. These are the things that satisfy the ego for a time. But it always needs more. This is not your true “I”.

The true “I” is the one that is present. That is to say, living in the “Now”. Tolle makes a point of saying that the past doesn’t exist. Nor does the future. All there ever is…is right NOW(Read “The Power Of Now” if you haven’t yet). Even when you are thinking of a future event, when it does take place it happens…now. So there’s no point on stressing about past or future events.

The ego always draw its’ opinions and actions from past events and future anxieties. Once we decide to do away with the ego and start living from moment to moment, things will start to come us easily and for he right reasons.

Instead of wanting a lot of money in order to appear to have status in the eyes of your “friends”, use the money to make a difference in society. If you make it your intention to have a lot of money to be able to give, the Universe will start to give you more money to be able to give with. Just remember there are plenty of other ways to be a giver even if you don’t have the money yet. Start now by being thankful for what you already have, and the Universe will give you more to be thankful for.

I am thankful for blogs like “Keeping The Secret” which are bringing awareness to the masses. I was encouraged to see the response to this book and to the Tolle Webinar. It shows that the level of consciousness is growing. In times such as these, it is definitely needed. Many blessings on your journey, Jane. Make it a fun one.


Let me know what you think. Also please leave comments about this question at Keeping The Secret. I'm sure Scott would appreciate it.

Here are two videos for you to watch. The first video is the first 20 minutes of the movie "The Secret". The second video is the first 10 minutes of the Webinar Tolle is holding with Oprah. It looks like there are 11 parts to this series. You can watch all 11 clips or simply go to for the full version.

Many blessings and thanks for listening.

Sports Quotes & Living In The Present(NOW)

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I grew up playing sports. I think that's why I love quotes so much. I was fortunate to have very good coaches in the sports that I played. There are still pre-game speeches that I remember to this day, and apply to my daily routine.

Eckhart Tolle talks about being present. When you are present and living in the NOW, this is when you are closest to the creator. This is the moment when there is no thinking involved. You're not worried about the past. You are not anxious for the future. You just are...

Athletes who compete in their chosen sport, when focused, are totally living in the moment. Now that I think about it, when I was playing basketball, I wasn't thinking about what happened in class that day. I wasn't thinking about my term paper that was due the next day. I was simply in the moment of sport.

These are some things you may have heard athletes saying after a game.
"I just tried to stay in the moment."
"I didn't want to get ahead of myself."
"I tried to focus on the task at hand."
"I had to block everything else out."

Now more than ever, athletes exercise their brains as well as their bodies. Every good athlete knows that it takes a positive mindset to be successful. Golf is one of the most mental of all sports. I started taking this game seriously about a year ago and have actually learned a lot about myself.

In order to play golf you have to be very focused. Attention to detail is key, as well as the ability to let go of a past shot. The legend Ben Hogan said,
"The most important shot in golf is the next one."
Another words, no matter what shot you just hit, whether good or bad, all that matters is the shot you have now. This is being present.

If you hit a bad shot and you let it get to you, your next shot is probably going to be horrible. The key to golf is forgetting your last shot and putting all your attention into making a great shot. If you step up to that shot thinking about the shank you just hit you are really living in the past. When you live in the past, your present results will be a reflection of your past. Another shank.

Golf has helped me with my visualization. I was watching a special with Australian golfer Aaron Baddeley and he mentioned that part of his pre-shot routine was to close his eyes and actually see himself hitting the shot. With that image in his mind, he proceeds to imitate the great swing he just envisioned. It has worked well for me. When I forget to do it, I usually hit a bad shot. When I visualize, my shots end up a lot better.

I try to transfer this into my everyday life. When you are wanting something it is important to visualize it exactly how you want it to be. Since practicing this on the golf course it has become easier to use this technique during my day to day activities. I am more focused when I am meditating(praying). The mental images have become clearer.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have been able to play sports and most recently golf. I never thought I would have become so obsessed with this game but I have learned a lot of valuable lessons as a result.

The following is a you tube video produced by The Secret Guru. It has some great sports motivated quotes. Start to live your life in the moment. Don't worry about past or future event. After all...they don't exist. There is only ever right now. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

3 Of My "Green" Friends

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I added to two widgets to my site recently from GREENPEACE. A lot of talk has been made of "Going Green." I'm all for this movement. We have to start becoming more conscious of what is happening to our planet. The widget(one at the right and one at the bottom of the page) gives us ways in which we can do are part towards cleaning up our planet.

I hear a lot of people saying that we need to take of our planet but at the same time they aren't even recycling. If you aren't at least recycling, please start. That's the least anyone could do. Most cities have programs and recycling plants to handle the plastics and other items that are harmful to nature if not disposed of properly.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make a difference. These are three of my "Green Friends". They decided to make a difference not only in the products that they use and the lifestyle that they lead, but also decided to each author a blog to educate others about being "green friendly." Here are my new friends.
This blogger didn't leave his name but describes his blog as Green building, Green remodeling, Green design, Green living, green Options. A blog about green home improvements and green projects.
Sasha gives us daily news about green and eco gadgets!
Timothy's blog features a directory of green and sustainable weblogs, and interviews with people who blog green. They also feature an updated green meta with the latest postings from those green blogs listed in our directory.

Take the time to visit these sites. They will lead you to other sites as well with many great ideas on how to preserve the planet. This is a very important issue that needs many supporters. I should say EVERY PERSONS support. This is the planet we live on. We have to start taking care of the planet today or else our children and grandchildren will have no place to call home.

Go Green. Thanks to my three new Green friends. Keep educating the world. To the rest of you I say, thanks for listening and many blessings!

Some Of My New Friends

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Today seems like a good day to give out some link love. I made some new friends over the weekend via the Blogcatalog. If you are a blogger, this is a good place to meet some talented people with great blogs.

The first person I would like to introduce is Sandpiper 727. The blog Sandpiper's Place has some of the best photographs of nature. As I was browsing through the pictures I could feel my whole body relaxing.

In EckHart Tolle's book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61) he encourages the reader to look at the beauty of a flower or a bird. He tells us to be like nature. Nature doesn't struggle to exist. You will never see a grass trying to go back into the dirt. It wants to grow and just simply does.

Humans are the only species that resists that natural laws of nature. Why do we make it so hared on ourselves? I am thankful for people like Sandpiper 727 who reminds us of the good that is right in front of our faces.

My next friend is Marcueto. I was browsing around and I came across The Fearless Blog. It was the title that got me. What a great theme for a blog. Marcueto wants us to be fearless in our endeavors. Her posts are a constant form of encouragement to move forward.

Being fearless is living in the moment. The Now. Most people become fearful because they are living either in the past of the future. Living in the past makes you handle decisions based on past events. If these past events were unfavorable, we tend to go the secure route out of fear of failing again.

When we live in the future, we tend to have built up anxiety for what is to come. The unknown makes us nervous and again rely on past events to make our decisions. Usually the safe decision. I'm finding out that in order to be successful we have to be fearless. That means living for the moment. Making decisions and standing by them. Having the wisdom to see when the decision may not have been the right one, but learning from that mistake to move forward. We will all fail from time to time. But it is these failures that fuel the huge victories that await us if we are persistant and Fearless.

The last friend I want to introduce you to is Tammy Burks. She is a rug-hooker with an excellent blog called Skip To My Ewe.
Last week I started to notice that I was getting visitors form her blog to my Articles of Intent blog. When I went to her blog I was greeted with the most beautiful array of colors. I noticed that she had put me as one her blogs she likes to visit. I was touched.

Her art work is unbelievable. It is amazing what can done with a simple string of yarn. This reminds me that beauty can come out of anything. If you have the imagination, you can create whatever you want. One string of yarn isn't anything on it's own. But when it is joined together in such a way, the creation process begins.

In her entry Huge Appetite she talks about how she keeps everything in her circle positive. This is a good lesson to learn. If we constantly surround ourselves with positive people and positive situations, it is hard for negativity to move in. It will try but you will be in such a state in which negativity cannot survive. Thanks for the reminder Tammy.

Many blessings to my new friends and to all of you that I will have the pleasure of meeting soon. Try to make a new friend today. Abraham Lincoln said, "Every time you make a friend, you destroy an enemy." Keep this in mind and soon we will be able to take the word enemy out of the dictionary as it will no longer exist. What a world that would be.

You Have What It Takes

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. It's time to start living life rather than just observing it. No accomplishment was ever achieved by just thinking and observing. It is the first step, but will never get you to your destination.

Do the things you want to do. Be the person you want to be. The only limits are the ones we put on ourselves. Enjoy this video and from this point on, start creating the existence you deserve. Many blessings!

Do We Really Have To Pay A Federal Income Tax? Apparently Not

Hello friends,

Hope all is well. This video is part 1 in a series of 11. Take the time to view all 11 clips at Youtube. I encourage each of you to begin to look within yourselves for the truth. It is not the truth that the media and the government is feeding us. It's the truth "that pases all understanding." Another words, as soon as we stop trying to figure out what this existence all means and just sit in stillness for just a moment...........The truth will begin to emerge.

It is the truth that we are all connected stemming from one Source. We must unite as a global community. Not with anger, fear, or feelings of betrayal. But rather with compassion and forgiveness.

Violence begets violence. Greed begets more greed. Hatred breeds more of the same. On the other side, Love brings forth more to be loving for. Compassion promotes healing. Forgiveness encourages growth.

This optimistic view may seem unattainable. A dream even. But if enough people around the world would just make peace their primary focus, a change would begin to take place. If more people would just focus on prosperity for their neighbor, change would happen. We have a very strong "it's mine" mentality, and the government along with a few wealthy men are displaying this on a grand scale. This has to change.

Find love in yourself and then begin to spread it to other. Gandhi said, "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Heal yourself first and your reality will begin to shift towards the positive. Many blessings to you all. It is truly a pleasure and honor for me to be able to call you a friend.

Eckhart Tolle & Oprah: "A New Earth" Web Event

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Tonight begins a ten week webinar with Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle author of A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61). The event begins at 9PM eastern time. Go to to sign up for the event.

I encourage all of you to join the webinar. Eckhart Tolle is an amazing author and teacher. His book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is one that opened my eyes to living in the moment. The NOW. Tolle believes that we allow the ego to control our thoughts and actions. And by allowing the ego to have control, we end up living in a state of unconsciousness.

I'm excited for this event. This is an opportunity to get into the mind of one of the great thinkers(or should I say un-thinkers)of today. Check out these two videos. The first is Oprah talking about why she added it to her book club. The second video is Tolle speaking about "not reacting to content." It may give you a little insight into what his teachings are about. The good thing about youtube is when the video is done, a bunch of related videos come up after the one you have just watched. I encourage you to watch these as well.

Be sure to sign up today and begin to "Awaken Your Life's Purpose." Blessings!

Can't No Longer Exist

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I came across this video on Youtube. It is an amazing tribute to the farther son duo of Dick and Rick Hoyt. I don't want to say much because I think the footage speaks for itself. This is definitely one of those tearjerkers. I got goosebumps while viewing it.

After watching this, I'm making it a point never to use the word can't again. If any doubts creep in all I have to do is remember...CAN! Enjoy the video and many blessings!