A Few Daily Promises

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I just wanted to share this poem I stumbled upon today. These are a few promises that you can make to yourself everyday when you wake up in the morning. If you are true to your promises, you will start a chain reaction of events that will be truly amazing.

Have a great day, and many blessings!

Promise Yourself

Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can
disturb your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to
every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel like there is
something in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make your
optimism come true.

To think only of the best, to work only for the best,
and expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others
as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on the
greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give
every living person you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, and too
strong for fear, and to happy to permit the
presence of trouble.

The Optimist Creed
From Optimist International

The Power Of Intentions

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. The following is great video from Dr. Wayne Dyer titled "The Power Of Intention". It is based on his book under the same name. Once we learn how to positively use our intentions, our possibilities will be endless.

Set aside some time to watch this video. It's just over two hours long but the time flies by because by listening you are actually connecting with the Source. Listen to the words and then internalize them. Follow the steps that he lays out. Baby steps get you to your goals. Nothing is impossible as long as your intentions are focused.

Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here are some great quotes about love to think about today. Love is all we need. Love encompasses everything. The most important love, is love for yourself.

Myspace Backgrounds - Love Sign in Sand

It is very hard to show love outwardly if you don't have the same feelings on the inside. The first step to realizing love is have and unconditional love for yourself. This means not judging yourself to harshly. A lot of times we are our own worst critics. If we do something wrong or make a mistake, we are quick to beat ourselves up.

Take it easy on yourself. In this existence, mistakes will be made. That's what makes us stronger to face new challenges. By overcoming certain obstacles we are equipping ourselves for the what may come next. But is you beat yourself every time something goes wrong, you will probably be hesitant to try again because of the fear of failure.

Once you begin to love yourself, the world will begin to show you love. Remember that what is happening around you, is a reflection of what is happening within. So if their is inner turmoil, the same will be manifested into your reality.

Myspace Comments - Youll Always Be Special

Here are some great quotes about love. Take a few with you throughout your day. Remember to show a little love to your fellow man. More importantly, be sure to show yourself some love as well. If you can't love yourself...who else can? Have a great day, and thanks for listening. Blessings!

"Love is perfect kindness."

Joseph Campbell

"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself."

Jean Anouilh

"Love never claims, it ever gives."

Mohandas K. Gandhi

"All you need is love."

John Lennon

"Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart."

Alphonse Marie de la Martine

Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things.

Paul (A.D. First Century) 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

"Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

Elizabeth Browning

"Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love."

Erich Fromm

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is Love."


"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

George Sand

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

Lao Tzu

Don't Give Into The Theif In The Mind

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Jim Rohn is one of my favorite speakers. The way in which he delivers his message always hits home with me. He mainly speaks about succeeding in sales and marketing, but does so from a different angle.

Rohn doesn't teach about specific businesses that will make you rich but rather the mindset you need to have in order to be rich. His talks are always geared towards personal development.

In order to be successful, Rohn challenges us to change ourselves rather than the environment we inhabit. Circumstances are the way they are so there's no point in trying to change them. The key is to change the way we look at the circumstances. Once we do that, the road to success becomes a bit clearer.

Enjoy this short video. After it is done, I encourage you to browse some of the other videos by Jim Rohn. Even though I have never met Mr. Rohn, I consider him to be a mentor of mine. That's the great thing about technology. The information is here for us to use. Take advantage and grow beyond your wildest dreams. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Self Ideal vs. Self Image

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I came across this video while searching for motivational tools for people in network marketing. Brian Tracy is an excellent motivational speaker. He specializes in talking about sales and marketing but his words can be used by all.

Enjoy this short video. Tracy does a great job of explaining the difference between our Self Ideal and our Self Image. I encourage you to try some of the tools and exercises that other successful people are using.

Remember that success isn't necessarily measured by all the toys you accumulate, but by knowing you did the best you could in every situation. Have a great day and thanks for listening. Blessings!

Dance The Weekend Away

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. It's the weekend!!! Make it a great one. Sometimes we have such a busy work week, we tend to bring our work home with us. Find time this weekend to just sit and relax. Spend time with friends and family. Don't let life pass you by without taking time to discover all the beauty that is around you.

Myspace Comments - Great Weekend Frog

...Or you can have fun like this little guy and dance the weekend away. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

A Little Help From Our Friends

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Yesterday I was visiting my friends Myspace profiles as I do from time to time. Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist is on my friends list. He is one of my favorite authors and I visit his blog regularly.

Currently he has "A Little Help From Our Friends" performed by Joe Crocker as his profile song. I know it as the theme song to the early 90's television show The Wonder Years. Some of you may recognize his famous Woodstock performance. I've always liked this song and the message behind it is powerful.

Emma hugging Maki

I'm thankful for the friends that I have and for the ones I make on a daily basis. I think it is so much better to make friends than enemies. One of my favorite quotes is..."Every time you make a friend, you destroy an enemy."To me it is easier and less stressful to manage friends than enemies.

Your friends are the people you can count on when you need help. They are there to remind you how to laugh. When you need a shoulder to cry on. True friends understand when to talk and when to be silent and just listen. A true friend doesn't criticize you or your actions. They accept you for who you are and love you in spite of it.

Be the type of friend that you want to have. Surround yourself with positive and happy people. Life is not always perfect, but if you associate with positive people, getting through those tough times will be a little easier.

The following is the Woodstock performance by Joe Crocker. He's a little quirky. Kind of all over the place, but simply listen to words of the song. All we need is a little help from our friends. If each of us determine in our hearts to be that helpful friend, the world will be a much better place. So as you go through your day tell your friends that you love them and are thankful for them. You will see that your day will be much brighter and exciting.

Enjoy the video. I'm here to help you anyway you can. Have a great day and thanks for listening. Many blessings!

Brand New Day...Brand New Start

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I came across this great quote on Positive Attitude Quotes.

Don't drag yesterday problems into this brand new day. Give yourself, and those around you, a break and start fresh.

Every day is a new day. Every hour is a new hour. Every second is a new second. Every moment is a new moment. We can't go back into the past so there's no point in living there.

Sunrise at Daytona Beach, FL (revisited)

Many of us carry a lot of unnecessary baggage with us everyday. What happened yesterday is gone forever. Positive and negative. New days should bring new adventures. Everyday should be explored to its fullest.

Allowing yesterdays worries to affect today, places us in a repetitive cycle. We see our problems as too big, so instead of finding a solution we make the same mistakes over and over. Instead of talking about how many problems we have we should be talking about the solutions to those problems.

We all have problems. That's just the way it is. The difference between happy successful people and unhappy depressed people is that the successful look for answers. Successful people look forward to challenges. They know that every time they solve a problem they get smarter. By taking these challenges head on they are strengthening their minds. They are better equipped to handle the next set of circumstances.

Find ways to become the solution to problems rather than a contributor. People feed off of each others emotions and thoughts. Keep your thoughts positive because whether you know it or not, you have an affect on everyone you meet. Be sure that you leave a positive impression where ever you go. Don't put your problems on someone else. Today is a new day and it should be a positive one.

Have a great day and remember to spread the message of positive thought with those that you meet. Many blessings and thanks for listening.

Discover Your Infinite Potential

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Just reminding you that you have an infinite potential for what ever you put your attention to. Myspace Comments - Infinitely Great Week
Your possibilities are endless. It may seem as if there are all kinds of barriers and obstacles in our way, but these are the struggles that make us stronger.

Tear down that wall. Break through those barriers. Once you decide to focus on what you want, the Universe will begin to conspire in your favor. Everything that we need in life is provided for us. We already have it. Just reach out and grab it . When things get tough(and they will), press on. Once you reach your goals you will be filled with a sense of fulfillment, joy, and inner peace.

Have fun busting through those walls. This is your week to create. Make it the best week ever. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.