3 Of My "Green" Friends

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I added to two widgets to my site recently from GREENPEACE. A lot of talk has been made of "Going Green." I'm all for this movement. We have to start becoming more conscious of what is happening to our planet. The widget(one at the right and one at the bottom of the page) gives us ways in which we can do are part towards cleaning up our planet.

I hear a lot of people saying that we need to take of our planet but at the same time they aren't even recycling. If you aren't at least recycling, please start. That's the least anyone could do. Most cities have programs and recycling plants to handle the plastics and other items that are harmful to nature if not disposed of properly.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make a difference. These are three of my "Green Friends". They decided to make a difference not only in the products that they use and the lifestyle that they lead, but also decided to each author a blog to educate others about being "green friendly." Here are my new friends.

This blogger didn't leave his name but describes his blog as Green building, Green remodeling, Green design, Green living, green Options. A blog about green home improvements and green projects.

Sasha gives us daily news about green and eco gadgets!

Timothy's blog features a directory of green and sustainable weblogs, and interviews with people who blog green. They also feature an updated green meta with the latest postings from those green blogs listed in our directory.

Take the time to visit these sites. They will lead you to other sites as well with many great ideas on how to preserve the planet. This is a very important issue that needs many supporters. I should say EVERY PERSONS support. This is the planet we live on. We have to start taking care of the planet today or else our children and grandchildren will have no place to call home.

Go Green. Thanks to my three new Green friends. Keep educating the world. To the rest of you I say, thanks for listening and many blessings!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice plug! I'll have to fill out my name in my profile, it's Charles Faust. I'll try to look around your blog later tonight once I'm done writing an article. I'm on a mission this week to show how some home show promoters are using "Green" to sell tickets.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charles. Thanks for bringing awareness to the world. I look forward to reading the new article. Blessings!