How To Have A Happy Ending

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to share this video of an interview with Will Smith. Belief in ones convictions is what brings your dreams into the realm of reality. We have to believe that we can achieve anything that we put our minds to.

The thoughts that we hold are what drive the Universe into action. So if we hold negative thoughts we most certainly will get negative results. We truly have the power to create our existence and we all should be striving towards a happy ending.

The key to having a happy ending, as Smith puts it, is to refuse to give into anything that will stand in the way of our dreams. Our families thoughts can get in the way. Our friends thoughts can get in the way. The medias thoughts can get in the way.

But here is the good thing. Those are their thoughts. Not yours. You are the only one that can control your thoughts. Do not embrace the thoughts of others because they are not yours and they will not work for you. Each of has to decide what we allow into our minds. You can succumb to negativity or you can push right through any challenge that you may face. It is always only up to you.

Hear and listen to what Smith has to say in this video. Begin to understand that you are a unique being with incredible talents ready to blossom. Put yourself into alignment with what the Universe has for you. What you want out of life is just one positive thought away. I'm thinking about a Happy Ending. How about you?

Many blessings and Always Feel Good! Thanks for listening.


reginaldc said...

Those are such powerful statements by Will Smith. It is so awesome to have watched him and his wife Jada Pinket-Smith grow into such powerful and positive influences. Will is so right about people wanting to give power to the negative as if it is more realistic.
Excellent video and thank you for sharing it.

goalgirl said...

It's pretty inspiring video, thanks for sharing.

Dexter Francois said...

Thanks for visiting Reginald. Many blessings!

Dexter Francois said...

Hi Goalgirl. It's a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for visiting. Blessings and always feel good!