A Poem For My Sunshine

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Today is my girlfriends birthday. I am very thankful and blessed to have her in my life. I call her My Sunshine. She really brightens up my day.
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I gave her the nickname one day after she came to visit me at work. At the time I was working at a sneaker store. I was having a horrible day. It was slow and the customers we did have were not friendly at all.

I was helping a customer who was be very annoying. It wasn't that she was a bad person. It's just that she was so indecisive and wanted to try on 30 pairs of sneakers. Back and forth, back and forth. Sneaker after sneaker. I was about to burst. I was about to tell her to just pick one shoe already and be gone.

The sun was setting and that always brought a good feeling because that meant that I would be getting off soon. I certainly wouldn't be able to leave before I was done with this customer. When she finally found a pair that suited her, a friend of hers came into the store and told her that she didn't like the pair that she had picked. I was furious. I had finally gotten her into a pair that she liked and here comes her friend to tell her that they don't look good.

I had to walk away. I excused myself to go in the back to take a couple of deep breaths or else I might have exploded right there. I took a minute a or two and then walked back out and went back to helping out the customer. At that moment I felt a certain warmth that engulfed my body. I looked up at the doorway and there was my girlfriend. The sun as setting low in the sky behind her so it looked like she was glowing like an angel. It was the most beautiful picture. Anytime someone mentions her name I see her in my mind being surrounded by the most beautiful rays of sunshine.

So that's how she got the nickname Sunshine. Our friends tease us when I call her Sunshine, but that's what she is. She's my sunshine. She's what wakes me up in the morning and what tells me when it's time to rest. Thanks Sunshine. I love you very much.

Enjoy this poem about Sunshine. Be sure to tell the people in your life that you love them. Don't wait for special occasions. Make it a daily habit. Love conquers all. Thanks for listening.

sunset, Lykia World, Turkey

The world gives me reasons,
To shout, scream and cry,
But Sunshine always,
Make my worries go by.

Sunshine is like an angel,
It touches me through me Soul,
It gives me reason to smile,
Makes me complete on the whole.

Sunshine is like a sound,
It synchronizes the music in me,
I get great cause to celebrate, as,
It lets my spirit free.

No matter its day or night,
Sunshine is always there,
Making the shrewd world around,
Look pretty and fair.

My Sunshine is soft and gentle,
Its snug and soothing too,
It snips my sorrows off me,
My Sunshine, dear, its You!

Manisha Sharma


Muriel said...

Wow!! This is beautiful. I love the photo's and the poem!!

Take care

Anonymous said...

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