How It Feels To Have A Stroke

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. A friend showed me this video earlier this week. The speaker, Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor, tells the story of how she experienced a stroke that actually put her into a state of euphoria. It's hard to think that having a stroke could be a good thing, but Taylor paints a beautiful picture that has no inhibitions and prior "hang-ups."

I don't want to say to much about the video because I can't even come close to telling the story as well as she can. Enjoy this video. Listen to the words that she uses and understand that we don't have to suffer a stroke in order to experience pure "bliss." Have a great day and many blessings!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I was amazed. Thank you for sharing the video clip. I was motivated in some ways.

Dexter Francois said...

Thanks for visiting Hye. Isn't it amazing. In the midst of chaos, she was still able to experience peace and joy. Many blessings!