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Hope all is well. I just wanted to give you heads up on a very important event that will be taking place on Sunday September 21st. The event is Peace Day. I learned of the event through Peace One Day on myspace.
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Peace Day is the dream of Jeremy Gilley. In 1998 he set out to talk to the leaders of the world to establish a day of peace. A day when there would be a complete cease fire between every nation. It is a day on which everyone should be focused on the message of peace.

I am all for a day like this. Hopefully, instead of just a day, we can have a Peace Week, and a Peace Month, which will hopefully lead to peace every day of the year. It's a dream we should be all striving for and helping to promote.

Mother Theresa was approached to join many anti-war rallies and she always refused. She would say, "Point me in the direction of a peace rally and I'll be there." She knew that an anti-war movement would bring about more war.

We have a lot of wars taking place today. The "war on drugs", "the war on poverty", "the war on terrorism". It seems as though we are only losing these wars. The reason is because "war begets war". So by using words such as "war" we are only enforcing the negative feelings associated with war. The more you push against something the more it persist.

A peace rally takes away the negative and only focuses on the positive. With a peace rally, you are not fighting or destroying anything. Rather, you are building and growing the positive consciousness that is in all of us.

I encourage each of you to join the Peace Day efforts. Make an effort to promote peace on September 21st. When we have millions of people focused on peace at the same time, we will send out a great wave a positive energy. Hopefully this energy will be felt by the leaders of the world and they will realize that peace is the only way.

You can visit Peace Peace One Day to make your commitment to the Peace Day movement. I'm number 16,499 under Quoteguy. My pledge to peace is, "I will destroy an enemy by first making him my friend". I chose this because it is something I can do every day and not just on a designated day. The important thing to remember is to strive for peace each and every day.

I would love to hear your commitments to peace. Leave me a comment on how you will promote peace on September 21st and every day there after. This our planet.
our home. We have to preserve it for future generations. Let's help to ensure that peace will be the main focus of every human being living and soon to be born. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

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