Reflection: Embracing What Is And What Will Be

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I received this note from one of my college friends. I haven't seen Mariam in years but we have connected again through Facebook and for that I am very thankful.

Mariam has always been full of energy and attracted people to her. I can't remember too many times when she wasn't smiling and making the people around her laugh. It was clear that people liked to be around her.

As I have gotten reacquainted with her through the Internet, I see that nothing has changed. She always has something positive to share and those who read her posts are better for it.

Enjoy the following from Mariam. I view it as a challenge to focus on what will be rather than "what is". Many times we focus on our present situation and only see the negative. As we stress about it, more of the same begins to show up. Soon it seems as though nothing ever goes right.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said that if you change the way you look at thing, the things you look at change. Another words, think about how each situation will make you better. Focus on what could be if you were able to overcome your challenges. This focus will drive you to accomplish anything you put your heart into.

Embrace what is and understand that it will come to pass. How you approach your challenges will determine the outcome. Will you run and hide? Will you sit and complain? Or will you say, "nothing is going to stop me today as I bust down these barriers."

Have fun creating your existence. It's all about how we react to the situations dealt to us. Be a Warrior of the Light(Look up Paulo Coelho) and enjoy all that the Universe has for you. Many blessings, and ALWAYS FEEL GOOD!

Thanks Mariam.

It's funny how God allows us to experience things which we rarely understand in the moment. We may feel abandoned, betrayed, hurt, or otherwise. Then, later...much later, we come to a realization about the beauty of the lesson learned amidst our shortsighted frustration. I truly feel blessed that I, not unlike many of my friends, have learned so many life lessons that have made me stronger and wiser. After all, we are the sum of our experiences. Think of it like this...

If you didn't...
... lose the wouldn't have had the joy of winning the war
...break might have been either in jail or in an unfortunate predicament
... test the might have drowned
...get an might not have been able to retake the class and get an A
...flunk wouldn't have been so tenacious about your recovery
...get might have married you know who
...lose your would have never found the job of your dreams in unfortunate wouldn't appreciate the magnitude of your current blessings
...get pregnant...that beautiful child would have never been
...have that accident...what the doctors found could not have been treated
...acquire credit card debt in might not have made the adjustments to assure a better credit score as an adult...a REAL adult
...catch you know who doing you know would still be oblivious to his/her madness that might not be alive to read this
... stand up for yourself that day...they would still be taking you for granted
... taste might have gone along thinking that something that was actually nasty was sweet
...lose that might not be as able to appreciate the ones you hold dear
...endure that wouldn't be able to empathize with the victims
...leave wouldn't appreciate what you had when you were there
... let might still be holding on to a walking nightmare

Most of you know I'm pretty focused and my humor is rather dry, so take this for what it is and if you like it add your own...

Live, love, laugh,



Cindy Colbert said...

Excellent. Read the tweet and it came at just the right moment speaking volumes to me throughout the past 2 days. Tonight found the tweet again and read the linked blog. Again... very inspirational. Thank You Sincerely! You reminded me to refocus how I've been viewing a present circumstance.

H.S.Kukreja said...

Oh Yes! That's precisely the same I had been so ardently looking forward to! What an inspiration!

It can truly instill life into a corpse.....!

I can feel the gush of thoughts flooding my entire self. And, I am a different man altogether. Thanks!

Dexter Francois said...

Thanks for visiting. I like to think that if I keep a good attitude in the present I should have no worries for the future. Take care. Many Blessing!