Appreciate "Holy Moments"

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I put this clip from "Waking Life" on this blog before. It is a very interesting movie exploring the ideas of dream states. Many other subjects are discussed such as life, death, quantum physics, and politics. All of it seemingly takes place in a dream.

I started to think about this scene while I was listening to an Eckhart Tolle podcast. He was talking about being in the moment. One of the ways to be in the moment is to be still. To just close your eyes and free yourself of all thought. This is when we are closest to the Source.

This scene is titled "The Holy Moment". Holy moments happen all around us. We are sometimes to distracted to notice. Pick up a flower and just stare at it. Admire the beauty. Take a walk in the park and just admire the wildlife. Capture these moments on film like my friend SandPiper. That way you can relive these moments over and over again.

These are Holy Moments. They don't have to come once a week on Sunday. There is a Holy Moment going on right now and you might be missing it. Be still and enjoy all that is Holy about your life. Allow the Universe to speak to you. Speak to the Universe. The Universe is always listening. Always answering. Thank you for listening and many blessings!


Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Oh, Dexter, Thank you so much! This is a really beautiful posting. We could all learn something from it. Too often we take for granted what is around us and don't stop to recognize the blessings.

Dexter Francois said...

My pleasure. Keep on doin', what you're doin'.

Many blessings!

ruthinian said...

I agree with you my friend. Everyday of our life we encounter life's little miracles and blessing. It is up to us to make each day holy or see each day as a blessing. Right now, I am so happy because at my age 43... God blessed me with life inside me. I am having a baby. And with people like you, who have faith, meeting you is a blessing as well. Take care. I add your blogs to my friends' list. Keep the faith.


Dexter Francois said...

Hey Ruthi. Thank you so much. Congratulations on the soon to be new addition. Children are truly a blessings. The great thing about children is, up to a certain age, before they are told what is right and wrong, they live a continuous Holy Moment. Everything is new to them. Everything is fresh. They appreciate and are in awe of every moment. We should all try to be like a child. I'll be checking up on you to see how the baby's doing. Keep me informed.

Many Blessings!

ruthinian said...

Hi Dexter,

Thanks for visiting my blog again. I agree with you, children are blessings. Hope we all keep that childlike attitude in us. See ya around. God bless.


ruthinian said...
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