Add It Up

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I know I said I would be away for a couple of days, but...I came across a very clever quote. I hope you can do some simple arithmetic.

"If a=1%, b=2%, c=3%, etc., what does 'attitude' add up to"?

Work it out?

Okay the answer is 100%.

I actually did the math to make sure that it did add up to 100%. As we have discussed before, ones "attitude" can be very powerful in how an individual reacts in certain situations(See, The Power Of Attitude, Saturday, August 18th). It is important to take control of your attitude from the start of the day. How you begin your day can dictate whether you fail or are successful.

Here are three ways, upon awakening, that you can ensure that you go into your day fully charged.

1. Write down three things that you are thankful for.

When you write down what you are thankful for it puts you into a good mood. You will find yourself reminiscing about good times and good friends. Sometimes we need to stop and look at what we have rather than what we don't have. Being thankful is also a motivator. You will remember the good feelings you had when you were successful in the past and it will be natural to want to have those good feelings again.

2. As you sit on the side of your bed, rub your hands together as if plotting a master plan.

The master plan is the map of your life. The good thing is that map can lead to anything that you want. In the old black and white villain movies, they would show the bad guy rubbing his hands together in a sinister way, plotting how he was going to get it "all." The "all" being the loot. You need to be the same way. You will be plotting your future, getting the "all" that you desire.

3. Compliment the first person you meet.

This a good way to share "good feelings." More than likely, the person you compliment will be compelled and want to return the gesture. Everyone should practice this relentlessly. People love when you notice them. By paying someone a compliment you brighten up their day, boost their confidence, and in a sense make them a better person. They will remember this and when you need it the most, and are not expecting it, you may receive a gift from that person.

Having an 100% positive attitude brings you closer to all your dreams. If we can influence others attitudes in a positive way, we will all be better off.

Thanks, for listening

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