Controlling Our Thoughts

Hello friends,

Hope all is well. I was thinking about what to write about today. While I was sitting in the living room there was a knock at the window. It was my good Orestes. He had lost his phone along with my number and decided to just pop by. Normally I like a pre-call but was not upset because I knew that Orestes would say something before he left that would trigger a good quote. He did not disappoint.

"Wherever the head goes, the body follows."

How simple but yet so profound. Orestes is a martial arts instructor as well as a personal trainer. If you want to get in shape, this is the man to see.

I always enjoy talking with Orestes because he is one of those people that is always seeking knowledge. What's even better is that he loves to share it with others. Before I could ask him for suggestions for a quote, he blurted out, "I got one for you." It is truly amazing how when you focus on something that you want it can come into being. I was thinking, 'I need a quote,' and one was given to me.

Orestes explained to me that this quote is self defense 101. If you can control the head, the body has no choice but to follow. They teach this the first day of class.

We can apply this to our own lives. The head (our thoughts) are what determine our existence. Knowing this, we have to be aware of what state of mind or thought we are in.

If we have depressing thoughts your body will be in a state of depression. If you have worrisome thoughts your body language will reflect it.

We have to make sure that we monitor our thoughts. This is hard to do because our attention spans are so short, we can be easily distracted. Like with anything else you have to practice.

Take time to meditate on the things that you want. When you focus on this, when faced with trials, your mind is ready and strong. With a strong mind your body stays in alignment with the mind. When the two are in this state there is no limit to your potential.

Thanks for listening.

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