A Measure Of True Success

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Hope all is well. The quote of the day is more of a thought I was having the other day. I was contemplating the measure of what I thought success for me would be.

"A person can have all the money in the world but..."

Everyone wants to be successful. Success, of course, is not always about how much money you have. It can also be measured by the quality of your relationships, health and fitness, and overall mental well-being. Let's look at these three area.

A person can have all the money in the world but...have the worst relationships. Often in society we see millionaires getting married and divorced all the time. Sometimes having 3 or 4 marriages. Look at the entertainment business. Money shouldn't be the reason you get into a relationship. What happens when the money's gone or that person doesn't want to share it with you anymore. Without the money, for these people, there's no relationship.

A person can have all the money in the world but...have major health problems. It is common to see top level executives that end up having heart problems. They put too much stress on themselves, always thinking about their company and much money it is bringing in. Unfortunately people are having heart attacks at a younger and younger age. A balance is necessary or else you will burn yourself out.

A person can have all the money in the word but...not be mentally stable. Someone who has a lot of money may begin to become a little paranoid. They may think that someone is trying to take their money and are always looking over their shoulder. Or if someone suddenly loses a fortune, they don't know hot to react because they have become used to a certain lifestyle. It's always sad when you here about people committing suicide when the stock market crashes. Their priorities are in the wrong place.

Strive for success in all aspects of life. True wealth is attained when you are aligned with the Universe in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Once this happens, "Impossible Is Nothing."

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Anonymous said...

You can also be poor and powerless..and married three or four times...and still...have a meaningful and wonderful life...