Failure Breeds Success

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Success is a journey. It is a bunch of peaks and valleys. And that's what makes life exciting.

"In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time."
Anthony J. D'Angelo

Failure is often a good thing. It is what makes us stronger for the next challenge ahead. We must lust learn from our mistakes. The worst thing one can do is to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

So why is that we repeat the same mistakes time and time again? Here are three reasons why we may be apt to go the down into the valley, unable to find our way back to the top.

1.)No Time.
What ever you say and believe will come true. If you constantly say that you don't have time to make a change. Guess what? There will never be enoug time. As you start to focus on "no time", that is what you will get more of. The work load will begin to pile up. Your kids will seem more demanding. Your wife will start to feel neglected because you spend less quality time with her.

2.)Fear Of Change.
We tend to make "change" out to be more than it really is. The fact is, change is really easy. We just have to want to change. This is where people find it gets difficult.

Many of want to change but we don't take the steps necessary to promote change. For example. People get stuck in dead end jobs because the effort of change may be too great. What they want to do might require them to take some night classes. They may see the classes as being too big a challenge and use that as an excuse as to why they don't switch jobs. To this person if feels safer to stay with what they know.

Laziness is the worst. You know what you have to do, yet you don't do it. "I'll do it tomorrow." We've all said this at some point. We like to sleep in. The challenge may seem to hard. It will take too long. What ever the reason, all it is, is an excuse.

When we continually make excuses we fall into a pattern. Over time these patterns become difficult to break. The worst thing that could happen, will happen. You do nothing. Life will seem so overwhelming that you will revert to the old ways. Doing nothing is so easy, but we have to remember that doing nothing, produces nothing.

To break these patterns you may want to try a 30 Day Trial as outlined by Steve Pavlina. Steve Pavlina has dedicated his life to helping people achieve their goals in all areas of life. I read his blog regularly and am a member of his forum. It is a good place to get tips from successful people who have gone through it and are willing to share their "secret."

A 30 Day Trial is a powerful way to break any unhealthy patterns that you have. It is also a way to form positive patterns as well. Patterns are not always negative. Pick an area in your life that needs work and got to work for 30 days. You can apply this in all aspects of life.

If you want to attract new friendships, make it a point to meet someone new everyday for the next 30 days. If you want to stop drinking coffee, give it up for 30 days. Whatever it may be. You'll soon realize that as you get closer to the 30th day, it will be easier. All of the old patterns will be gone, replaced with new positive ones.

Once you see it work in one aspect of your life, move on to the next, and so on. It's time to break the patterns that cause us to consistently fail. Success is only 30 days away.

Thanks for listening.

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