Goal Setting - Good Idea? - Bad Idea?

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Hope all is well. Is setting good or bad when using the Law Of Attraction(LOA)? According to Michael Losier's best-selling book Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't, there advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage to setting goals, is, every time you write or goals or talk about your goals, you are offering up positive vibrations. Goal setting gives you something concrete to work towards. Whenever you reach a specific goal, you get excited. This excitement accelerates the creation process.

The disadvantage is that, according to Losier, we tend to keep score. Say you set a goal for attracting ten new sales this week. You have never had more than five sales in a week but you are feeling good about LOA. At the beginning of the week you are very energized. You get six sales by Wednesday. Thursday you get two more for a total of eight. Friday comes along and you don't get any sales, ending your week with only eight sales.

The problem here is that you start to focus on the "only having eight sales". You look at it as if you have failed when you should be celebrating. Your prior record in a week was five sales. This week you had eight, but you still found some way to complain.

Celebrate what is in front of you. By being thankful for your eight sales, you offer up powerful positive vibrations and the Universe loves that. The Universe will begin to respond to your positive nature.

Take a look at this short video by Losier. Pick up the book and begin to apply it to your life. Set goals and celebrate every accomplishment that leads to reaching your goals and you will reach your destination faster. Thanks for listening and enjoy the video.

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