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Hello Friends,

How are you? Todays quote quote comes from Josh Billings. He was born Henry Wheeler Shaw but took up the pen when he became a humorist writer and lecturer.

"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there."

The Universe must have needed to get this message to me because I've heard this said in about five different ways over the past couple of days. I am in the middle of several projects at the time, and sometimes I feel like I'm not making any progress on any of them.

Last night I was reading an article by Willie Crawford. He's in internet marketing specialist as well as a motivational speaker. He says that in order to be successful we have to train ourselves to tackle one task at a time. I know sometimes when I'm in the middle of a project I might get another idea and start working on that project. From that project I get more ideas and start working on the idea.

I'm realizing that it's good to have new ideas, but trying to implement all these new ideas at one time really slow me down. Crawford says that we can become too overwhelmed when we take on too much. The easiest thing to do in a situation that is difficult is to do nothing.

There is an exercise that Dr. Nut gave as a suggestion for monitoring our progress. He said that one way to track your progress on any project is to write down your goals and mail it to a friend. Instruct your friend to mail the letter back to you at the time you have planned to finish the project. From the letter you will know if you have attained your goal. This is a ppwerful exercise that I had never heard of before. This is why I encourage you share your thoughts as well because we can all learn from each other.

Before I go I just want to stress that we remember that before we can accomplish anything we need an idea. Without an idea what goals are we reaching for? So be thinkers. Always be learning. Feel good about what you've learned. And finally teach others what you have learned. There is more than enough in this world for everyone.

Thanks for listening.

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Anonymous said...

I feel you on the goals thing....and the ideas that come & go are usually the best. I get that but it's called ADD. I do have goals that I stop and "take account" of every once in a while. I think writing it and putting away (I use a journal) is the same as sending it off to a friend but I like that notion also. As we say out here in the field : Git R Dun!