Keep Laughing

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I'm a big fan of basketball. I always dreamed of playing in the NBA. I used to practice being the next Michael Jordan as did millions of other kids during the mid 90's. Todays quote comes from the former owner of the Philadelphia 76ers Pat Croce.

"There's only one thing I like more than laughing. That's sharing it."

My mother gave me his book, I Feel Great and You Will Too!: An Inspiring Journey of Success with Practical Tips on How to Score Big in Life Pat Croce is a true rag to riches story. He is now a mult-millionaire, but this wasn't always the case.

Croce had to struggle to get where he is today. Throughout his book he talks about the steps it took for him to become a success. He failed many times, but he never gave in. He went from having no money, to becoming the athletic trainer for the 76ers, to finally owning the franchise.

In the book Croce talks about friendships and how important they are to him. He deems himself a practical joke artist. Laughter and enjoyment of life is what sustains him.

A few years back, Croce was in a terrible motorcycle accident that nearly ended his life. His motivation to get better was his want to be around his family and friends who made him laugh.

Laughter puts us in a positive state of mind. "Feeling good", is what puts us closer to our goals. Laughter also keeps the body functioning harmoniously. It is proven that depression, "Not feeling good", can alter the bodies capability to stay healthy. It is possible to "think" yourself into being sick. The good thing is that we can do the reverse as well. Start thinking about something that makes you feel good. Focus on that and you'll start to see your attitude change for the better.

Some people say that you can't change something just by thinking or "feeling good". The thing to remember is that every goal is a process. What we want usually doesn't manifest in one day. This is a good thing. We would become to overwhelmed if we received everything we wanted at once.

Did you ever notice that when you wake up in a bad mood the rest of the day seems to follow suit. Nothing positive can be accomplished because your mind is clouded. You may push away the people who may be able to help you. When you begin your day on a positive note, your day will be more productive as well.

A good practice to starting your day off is to say three things in your life that you are thankful for. By being thankful you are appreciating what you already have. Starting off in this manner will set the tone for the rest of the day.

So keep laughing. Make others laugh. You'll start to "Feel Great too."

Thanks for listening.

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