Stick Your Neck Out

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well with you and yours. I am a big fan of turtles. My first pet was a turtle. I have a turtle now who's name is Banditt. Turtles have always been a symbol of wisdom, patience, and longevity. Here are some quotes to describe the personality of a turtle.

"A turtle teaches us to be patient with other, and to never give up on an issue worh fighting for."

"A turtle symbolizes peace of mind."

"Turtles have slow metabolisms, teaching us to slow down."

"Turtles are said to be stable, and constant in their opinions, ideals, and ideas."

"Turtles are dependable and loyal."

"Turtles are reputed to be very adaptable to life's traumas."

"Turtles are home anywhere because they carry their houses on their backs."

"Turtles have good eye sight, reminding us not to judge any of our relations by outward appearances."

My favorite quote on turtles comes from former Harvard University President, James Bryant Conant.

"Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out."

Many of us do not like to take risk. We would rather stay in our comfort zone. A comfort zone is an easy state to be in but you will never grow as an individual. In order to grow we have to be willing to come out of our "shells" and try something new. The problem is that "new" means different, which can mean doing something that may seem difficult. It is always easier to do nothing and stay within our shelter.

The turtle has to stick it's neck out before it can even move. Coming out of its shell means that they are now open to attack from the outside world. But it is necessary for survival. A turtle would starve if it never came out, just as you can starve physically, emotionally, and spiritually if you never "come out".

We can't let fear of the unknown determine how we live our lives. We have to become like a turtle and be "stable and constant in our opinions, ideals, and ideas." It is always easy to go along with what the crowd deems acceptable. If we aren't secure in what we believe in, when we do step out, we will be eaten alive by the vultures.

So be willing to "stick your neck out." You'll find that you can accomplish anything if you just try. As you put in the effort you will start to see your dreams unfold in front of your eyes.

Be safe, and thanks for listening.

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Turtle Wisdom woman said...

Hello, there. I love your turtle analogy. I, too, find great inspiration in the turtle. I even wrote a book about it! "Turtle Wisdom : Coming Home to Yourself" is both about "sticking your neck out" and about "coming home" to the security of who you truly are... and so much more. This is my first blog reply, so even this is a bit of stepping out for me - and your words coaxed ME out of that shell! We each can give someone a strong, yet gentle hand up... thanks for sweetening my day.