Are You Responsible?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I was browsing around looking for quotes and I came across this poem by Charles Osgood. He has authored and co-authored many books including Funny Letters from Famous People.

There was a most important job that needed to be done,
And no reason not to do it, there was absolutely none.
But in vital matters such as this, the thing you have to ask
Is who exactly will it be who'll carry out the task?

Anybody could have told you that everybody knew
That this was something somebody would surely have to do.
Nobody was unwilling; anybody had the ability.
But nobody believed that it was their responsibility.

It seemed to be a job that anybody could have done,
If anybody thought he was supposed to be the one.
But since everybody recognized that anybody could,
Everybody took for granted that somebody would.

But nobody told anybody that we are aware of,
That he would be in charge of seeing it was taken care of.
And nobody took it on himself to follow through,
And do what everybody thought that somebody would do.

When what everybody needed so did not get done at all,
Everybody was complaining that somebody dropped the ball.
Anybody then could see it was an awful crying shame,
And everybody looked around for somebody to blame.

Somebody should have done the job
And Everybody should have,
But in the end Nobody did
What Anybody could have.

Responsibility is something that we all have to face on a daily basis. We have to realize that our thoughts create the life that we live. When we make up excuses, we are not being honest with ourselves. This is why people get confused and discouraged when they try and manifest something and it doesn't come to fruition.

Our thoughts preside over everything else. We may be saying all the right things but if we don't truly believe that you can reach your goal, you never will.

I heard a story of a lady who was trying to lose weight. She exercised. Ate less. Stuck to her diet. Still, she wasn't losing the weight. She was actually gaining weight. She became very discouraged and gave up. She began eating even more.

Some time later she again gave thought to losing weight. She decided this time to really focus her intentions and her thoughts on losing the weight. She began to "think" thin. Her attitude changed and she actually began to lose weight without exercising.

By taking responsibility for her condition, she was a able to deal with the guilt and shame that she associated with being overweight. Now she combines exercise with with a positive attitude and has made remarkable progress.

This shows how your attitude can have an positive or adverse affect on our physical body. If you constantly display negative emotions your body will begin to break down. The good thing is that keeping a positive attitude, keeps you healthy.

Thanks for listening.

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