Visitor Quote Of The Week: South Africa

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Hope all is well. The number of countries visiting this blog is growing. Thank you for viewing. My intention is that these words will be able to help somebody in some way. Today marks the second installment of the "Visitor Quote Of The Week." Our quote comes South Africa. Blessings to the people of South Africa.

“When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive”
Alan Paton quotes (South African Writer and Educator, 1903-1988)

When you are hurt by someone it can be hard to recover. Especially if it is someone that you love or respect. You don't expect someone you like to hurt you, so it is even more devastating

As humans, we tend to hold grudges. Even if the person who has wronged us is asking for forgiveness, we sometimes hold it over their heads. Whether it's because you're really hurt or want to hurt them back, it is better to get over it and try to mend the relationship.

Relationships, romantic or otherwise are built on communication. When people stop talking to each other they tend to listen to other people to get information. Then it becomes "he said, she said." We all know what happens when we listen to rumors.

It is better to talk to the person that hurt you and get it out in the open. When that person asks for your forgiveness, be willing to accept it, even in extreme situations(I know it may be very difficult).

Forgiveness completes the healing process. Remember that we are all connected. When you hurt someone else you are ultimately hurting yourself. Start communicating again. Re-connect with a loved one. "Every time you make a friend, you destroy an enemy."

Thanks for listening.

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