Visualize = Materialize

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Our quote of the day is a common one in the Law Of Attraction circles. It is an important step to getting what you want out of life.

"When you visualize, you materialize."

I've been really experimenting with visualization for the past week or so. I work at a restaurant of a few nights a week to earn some extra cash. In the past I would go to work and think about how much I wanted to make for that shift. Sometimes I would reach my goal, sometimes I would be way short. On the days I was short, I would become frustrated. I would think, "I'm thinking about what I want." "I'm, trying to feel good about it." So what was I doing wrong?

I came across an article that help me put things into perspective. I wasn't letting go. I would think about what I wanted, but then I would hold on to it for the entire shift.

If I had a bad tipper, I would get upset. Then I would start to think about what the next person would have to tip me in order to make up for what the last person didn't. Then I would start to think that the next person is never going to tip enough to cover the last. Then I'd get another bad customer and the cycle of negativity would start to pick up steam. By the end of the shift I would be upset and frustrated and nowhere close to my goal.

I had to change my mind-set. What I try to do now is to think of the amount that I want to make. I write it on a piece of paper along with the words "love" and "thanks." I close my eyes for a few minutes and actually visualize myself at the end of the shift feeling good about reaching my goal. I then put the piece of paper into my back pocket and forget about.

The Universe is always going to answer your thoughts. Before I started letting go, I would focus on the final number. If things weren't going well early, a lot of negative thoughts would start to creep in. These negative thoughts started to take over my mind and the Universe began to react to those thoughts. I started thinking about all my horrible customers and that's exactly what the Universe gave me more of.

Now that I just release my intentions into the Universe, I have been able to reach my goals a whole lot easier. By letting go and just trusting that I would reach my goal, my attitude at work has improved because I'm already in a grateful mood. This positive attitude resonates with my customers and they are so much more amicable.

For my last shift, I visualized myself making $275.00. I went through my routine and released it to the Universe. I had a great night. My customers were great. No problems with my co-workers. Everything went smoothly.

At the end of the night I counted up my tips and finished with only $270.00. I was $5 short but I wasn't upset at all. $5 was nothing. I was happy with what I had made.

The next day I was cleaning my turtle tank and had to dump out the dirty water in the back alley. As I was walking back inside, I looked at ground and a $5 bill was laying there. Freaky huh? Not really.

I think the $5 bill materialized because I didn't stress the fact that I was short of my goal. I stayed in a positive mode, not allowing negative thoughts to take over. Because there was no negativity, the Universe continued to grant my desires.

The lesson I learned is that the Universe is going to answer. I should not put a time limit on the Universe. Be grateful when the Universe answers. By being thankful, the Universe will complete your request when the time is right. I know the Universe gave me the $5 bill the next day to teach me this lesson. So to the Universe, I say, THANK YOU!!! And to you I say...

Thanks for listening.

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