Strength From Within

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here's a nice passage reminding us to draw strength from within. Enjoy.

Everything we need is all inside

Grass grows
No one tells it
How to grow to.

River gently winds
No one tells it
How to flow to.

Seeds fall from the tree.
Embedded into the earth.
Flourishes into new life
Again and again.
No one reminds that it's
Time to plant.

The ocean waves
Ebbs to and fro
In natural rhythm
With the moon.
A curious and peaceful dance.
No directions included.

Sun rises in the east.
It sets in the west.
Stars light up the evening sky.
No one tells them
How to glow.
No one asks them why.

The earth spins
On its axis
Rocking gently
Through the day
And into the night
In perfect rotation.
No batteries included.

The body gives life.
The body ends life.
And knows to make love
Sometimes in the back
Of an old Chevy.

Children play.
No one tells them
It's how they learn.
They simply know
How to.

Mama Kitty cares for
Her young
And Mama Bird
Tends to her nest.
No manual.

Intelligence in every cell.
The universe perfect
In every way.
Divine wisdom
And perfect
All knowing without trying.
No struggles.
Effortlessly like God herself.
Trusting the perfection inside.
All knowledge.
All knowing. All inside.
One tiny cell.
One tiny perfect cell.

It's all inside. All things.
All times. All of all.
It's all inside.

--- Copyright © 2007 Shelley Joy Tellez

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